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Triple Tech Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Inc.

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Triple Tech Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Inc.
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Jul 26, 2018

Tips for Staying Cool Without A/C

Tips for Staying Cool Without A/C

So far the summer of 2018 has been a HOT one with record breaking temperatures and not much relief, even in the evenings. Oh sure, it’s not that bad when you're inside with your A/C cranked, but what happens if it decides to stop working and you can’t get a technician out to investigate the problem for a few days? For many of us, sleeping without our beloved air conditioning is a nightmare! There is nothing worse than not being able to get a good night’s sleep because you're tossing, turning and sticking to your sheets from sweating so much. Have no fear! We have come up with these helpful tips and tricks that will have you on your way to dreamland while feeling cooler and more comfortable.

  • A good place to start is by using light coloured cotton sheets instead of silk, polyester or satin. Cotton is a breathable fabric that allows better airflow and ventilation for your body and your bedroom.
  • Chill out by having a cool shower or bath right before bed. This will help bring your body temperature down.
  • Your freezer is your best friend! No, we aren’t telling you to go jump in that big chest freezer in the basement but there are a few tricks. Try placing your bed sheets in a plastic bag and put them in your freezer a little bit before you are ready for bed. Ice packs strategically placed on well know pulse points (wrist, neck, elbows, ankles and behind the knees) are another great option.
  • It is a well known fact that heat rises, so head for the lowest place possible in your home.
  • There are a couple of different ways that using a fan or multiple fans can be to your advantage. Place a large bucket or bowl full of ice in front of your fan and allow the fan to push around the cooler air generated by the ice. You can also set up 2 fans so they are creating a cross breeze (one sucking the hot air out and one circulating the air in your room).
  • Ancient Egyptians have proven that taking a large bath towel or sheet, soaking it in cool water and wrapping yourself in it as an effective cooling method. Be sure you wring out all the excess water from the towel or sheet so you aren't left with a soaking wet mattress.

The above tips may seem a little unconventional but they may be just what you need to get you through until your A/C is functioning again. A few other things that you can do to prevent the temperature from rising in your home is to close all blinds and curtains during the day when the sun is shining brightly, avoid using the stove or oven to cook as they generate heat and unplug all TV’s and computers, as they still give off some heat even when they are not turned on.

Triple Tech specializes in Residential, Commercial & Industrial
Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, Venting & Plumbing. We offer
24/7 emergency service by calling 705-333-8324

Feb 02, 2018

Tips & Tricks to Keep Warm if your Furnace Stops Working

Tips & Tricks to Keep Warm if your Furnace Stops Working

If it’s not much warmer inside your house than outside, you’ve got a problem. It always seems to be the at most inopportune time when your furnace goes on the fritz, usually smack dab in the middle of a cold spell because your furnace is working overtime.
Do you know how to keep warm until a repair man can come check it out? Here is a list of ideas that will help should you ever find yourself in this chilly situation.

  • Get Cooking! Using your stove and oven to make a delicious meal or some tasty treats will generate heat to help warm up your home. You can easily turn this into a fun family baking challenge by getting the kids involved, and the best part is all the taste testing that will need to be done when everything is ready! ***Warning, using an oven as a heat source only can lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the home.
  •  Snuggle up! Grab a couple warm cozy blankets, throw on a few layers of clothing and head for the couch for a Netflix binge. It is important to add layers of clothing such as socks, long johns and sweaters. You don’t want your body temperature to drop as it won’t be easy to get it back up without any heat.
  • Keep Moving. There are so many options available for this idea, it can be anything to exercising, doing some house cleaning to cranking the radio and busting out your best dance moves. 
  • Warm your tummy. Make yourself a nice warm bowl of soup or a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate! If you’re feeling cold or even have a cold, a Hot Toddy is a great way to take the chill off….. so I’ve been told ??
  • Seal up those windows and doors. Pick a small room in the house to hunker down in. Close the door and put towels or blankets along window ledges and door frames to help prevent any cold air coming in. You’ll be surprised how warm the room will stay.
  • Light some Candles. Once you’ve hunkered down, light some candles. The flame from the candle will produce heat. Keep safety in mind when it comes to an open flame; never leave them unattended or put them near anything flammable and keep out of reach of children.
  • Space Heaters. It is always a good idea to be prepared, so having a space heater on hand that can be used in desperate situations can come in handy. Be sure that you read all of the manufactures suggestions and safety tips before using it.
If your furnace breaks down during an Ontario winter deep freeze, your local heating specialists will do their best to get to you quickly, however, there are quite often many other households without heat, so it may take some time for them to get to you. Please implement these tips as soon as you realize there’s an issue to keep yourself warm. 

We are a locally owned and operated company providing Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration & Plumbing services for Residential, Commercial, Marine & Industrial Customers 24 HOURS A DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR.

Dec 19, 2017

Family Fun Around Your Fireplace

Family Fun Around Your Fireplace

Tis the season for snow, snow and more snow!  Are you like so many others and don’t always enjoy freezing your fingers to the bone just to spend some quality time with the family?  Well don’t fret, we’ve come up with some fun indoor activities around your cozy fireplace that will not only bring you hours of entertaining family time together but will keep you toasty and warm.

Games Day

 Snuggle into some cozy pajamas and break out the board games around the fireplace.  Make a full day or evening of it!  There are so many different board games out there these days designed for kids of all ages.  For families with younger ones break out some of the classics like Candyland, Hungry Hungry Hipo or Snakes and Ladders.  If your kids are a little older your options are endless: Monopoly, Operation or Twister.  One of the more popular games that has come out recently is Speak Out, a ridiculous mouthpiece challenge game - you have to see this to believe it, they even have a Kids versus Parent addition.  Whatever games you choose have fun, laugh and get silly!

Movie Night

Everyone enjoys snuggles and movies, but let’s take it up a notch!  How about a theme movie night?  Pick a movie or two and really go all out.  What little girl doesn’t like to dress up like her favourite Disney character?  Let’s take Beauty and the Beast as an example; dress your princess in her Belle costume, mom or dad can be the beast and dance and sing along with the music.  For your little man there’s always Toy Story!  How fun will it be pretending you’re Buzz Lightyear and Woody?  If dress up is not quite your style plan a theme night around your movie.  Make a dinner based on your movie of choice or create your own concession stand, the possibilities are endless and Pinterest can be a very helpful tool for your planning.


Who doesn’t love camping-indoors?  Whether you go full out pitching a tent by the fireplace or building a blanket fort to sleep in, the kids will love it.  String up some mini lights on the ceiling to act as your stars, and bring out your favourite camp side goodies. Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows is ABSOLUTELY not recommended over your gas fireplace  but there are ways to get around that.  Make pigs in a blanket on a stick or smores in your oven. 

Telling stories or singing campfire songs is another good idea.  Make the experience as real as possible.
With the holidays just around the corner, we all know how busy and stressful it can get but take a day or two and make memories for this season that the kids will never forget.

We are a locally owned and operated company providing Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration & Plumbing services for Residential, Commercial, Marine & Industrial Customers 24 HOURS A DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR.


Dec 01, 2017

Safety Tips for your Fireplace

Safety Tips for your Fireplace

Who doesn’t enjoy curling up in front of a nice toasty warm fireplace? The season is here when most of us like to light a cozy fire to heat our homes, but there are a few important safety factors that you need to keep in mind to prevent any fireplace mishaps.

  • Ensure that you are using a screen to prevent any embers from popping out of the fire onto carpets or furniture surrounding your fireplace.

  • Clear away any paper, wood or other highly flammable materials. Storing such objects too close to the fireplace increases the risk of these items igniting and starting a potentially bad situation.

  • NEVER use fluids or fuel to start your indoor fire. There are many different alternatives to use to start your fire.

  • Always open the damper before starting your fire and make sure it stays open until all the ashes have cooled. Keeping the damper open will prevent smoke build up in your home.

  • Regularly clean & service your fireplace. You want to make sure you are removing old ashes (depending on how much you use your fireplace), to prevent a build-up. Keeping an old metal bucket in close proximity is a good idea so you can easily make a habit of scooping the ashes each time you start a fire. It is also important to have a professional in once a year to clean and inspect your chimney to prevent a build-up of tar and debris.

  • Have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector mounted in the same room as your fireplace.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher in close reach in case your fire should ever get out of hand.

  • Beware of which wood and materials you burn in your fireplace Only used seasoned, dried wood. Be sure never to burn any plastics or other materials, including wrapping paper, that can give off potentially dangerous fumes. It is recommended that only wood or manufactured logs be used in your fire.

  • DON’T EVER leave your fire unattended. It only takes a few seconds for a fire to get out of control and engulf your room and home.

  • If you are installing a new fireplace make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and tips that are included with most units.

When it comes to having a fireplace in your home, make Safety your number 1 priority. Next, grab some warm cocoa and cookies, sit back and enjoy the crackling sounds and soothing aromas that come with having a fire.

We are a locally owned and operated company providing Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration & Plumbing services for Residential, Commercial, Marine & Industrial Customers 24 HOURS A DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR.

Dec 01, 2017

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The silent killer, Carbon Monoxide! Odorless, colourless and tasteless, so you never know it is present. Having a Carbon Monoxide detector is imperative and in most homes required by law; it could save you and your family’s lives.


Although there are different kinds of detectors that operate with different sensor systems they all do the same thing. If Carbon Monoxide is present in the air over time, an alarm will be sounded from your device.


First off don’t panic! If your carbon monoxide detector is sounding its alarm, calmly get everyone outside into the fresh air. Evaluate if anyone is having any flu like symptoms or not feeling well and if so call 911 or your emergency services. If before exiting your house you are able to open all windows and doors safely, do so. DO NOT go back into your residence until the alarm has stopped going off or you are given the all clear by authorities. It is strongly advised that you contact a professional to have your home inspected to see what caused your carbon monoxide detector to go off. They will check all your fuel-burning appliances and other devices that may have triggered the alarm.


Deciding on what kind of Carbon Monoxide detector to purchase all depends on your needs. You have 2 options; battery operated which can be put in a location of your choice or electric which will need to be placed close to an outlet so they can be plugged in. Keep in mind if you choose the electric detector, if the power goes out the model you have chosen should have a battery back-up. If battery operated is the way you are going, be sure to change your batteries at least once a year. A good rule of thumb to follow for the location of your detectors is to have one on every floor of your house and to test them regularly as you would with your smoke detectors.


Typically as with most things carbon monoxide detectors have a life span and after time will lose their effectiveness. For that reason it is recommended that you replace your units every 5-7 years or as recommended by the manufacture.

If you don’t already have carbon monoxide detectors in your home put them on your list for the next time you make a visit to your local hardware store where they can be easily purchased with pricing starting at roughly $30.00 and up. Keep your family and home safe from this poisonous gas.

We are a locally owned and operated company providing Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration & Plumbing services for Residential, Commercial, Marine & Industrial Customers 24 HOURS A DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR.


Dec 01, 2017

Preparing your Furnace for Winter

Preparing your Furnace for Winter

With summer (if that’s what we want to call it this year) coming to an end, we all know what is right around the corner. Cold winds, snow and cranking on our furnace. Don’t wait until the first frost comes to find out you have a problem. Get ahead of the game and check out that furnace before you actually need it.

If you are a hands-on, do-it-yourself kind of person, here are a few things to check and test to make sure your furnace is in tip-top shape for that first cold spell.

  • Replace your filter. This point can’t be stressed enough. Your furnace filter collects dust and debris and can easily get clogged causing reduced air flow throughout your home.

  • Clean the surrounding area. Take some time to move anything that may have piled up over the summer away from the furnace and ensure that the space around your furnace is clean.

  • Get out the vacuum. Make sure the power is off first. Then, take your vacuum and remove the cover of your furnace and suck out any dirt and dust that may have built up around the burners.

  • Check your vents. Go over all the vents making sure they are all open to ensure air flow is reaching each room of your home.

  • Moving on to the motor. Again, be sure that the power is off first. Seeing as the motor is a moving part it is a good idea to oil all oil able motors. This will keep all the parts operating smoothly and also gives you a chance to see if there is any rust or evidence of anything being broken.

  • Thermostat time. If your thermostat requires batteries, now is the time to change them. Turn on the thermostat to see if it is in good working order. You should here your furnace kick on almost immediately after flipping the switch.

Know when to call the professionals!

Even though you’ve been doing your seasonal preparation, it is recommended that a technician pay you a visit at least every other year to provide a thorough inspection of all safeties and gas pressures to ensure proper operation, maximum lifespan, and greatest efficiency. Not everyone has the time to dedicate to getting their unit up to par for the winter months, but if you decide to give it a whirl on your own and find at any point the job has become too much for you to handle, don’t hesitate to make that call to someone who has the experience and knowledge to finish the job.

We are a locally owned and operated company providing Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration & Plumbing services for Residential, Commercial, Marine & Industrial Customers 24 HOURS A DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR.


Dec 01, 2017

Troubleshooting Your A/C Problems

Troubleshooting Your A/C Problems

We are in the middle of a heat wave Georgian Bay and “OH NO”, your central air stopped working! We have all been here before and no one likes being sticky and sweaty when trying to sleep at night. Don’t panic, here are some helpful tips for two common problems to get your air conditioning back up and working so you can be as cool as a cucumber again!

My A/C won’t turn on

There are a few different things to check if you find yourself in this situation.

  1. Start at your main electrical panel to make sure the breaker hasn’t tripped or a fuse isn’t blown. If this is the reason, reset your breaker or replace your fuse. Should your breaker continue to trip or fuse to blown there is a good indication that there is a short in the system. At this point bringing an electrician or repair man in would be a good idea.

  2. Check to ensure your thermostat is set to cool and is set below the room’s temperature.

  3. Is the power on? There are a few different places you need to look at, the switch in the furnace or air handler, the outdoor condenser and the compressor’s 240 volt disconnect box.

  4. Confirm that your thermostat is not faulty. If your thermostat is run on batteries, change those. If that doesn’t work you will have to dig deeper by testing the wiring inside the thermostat. Many helpful videos can be found online with step by step instructions for this. If you aren’t comfortable doing this be sure to call for help.


My A/C isn’t blowing cold air

  1. Is your filter clean? If the filter in your furnace is clogged with debris and excess dust this will certainly slow and even stop the air from circulating. Changing your filter on a monthly basis can help prevent this problem.

  2. Have a look at the outdoor unit. Sometimes you’ll find that grass, twigs or dirt have built up around your unit. Be sure to clear away all unwanted items that may be blocking the way.

  3. The condenser coils are next. If there is any blockage on the coils, this certainly will prevent the air from being drawn in. You can take a hose or wire brush to fix this issue. Check out this easy to follow video for step by step instructions

These are just a few basic tips to help you should you run into problems. Calling a professional may be your better and quicker option to get you cool and calm again!

We are a locally owned and operated company providing Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration & Plumbing services for Residential, Commercial, Marine & Industrial Customers 24 HOURS A DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR.

Dec 01, 2017

Tips to Keeping Your AC Expenses Low

Tips to Keeping Your AC Expenses Low


There is nothing better than walking into your nice cold air-conditioned home on a scorching hot day! The hotter it gets, the lower we set our AC, and the higher the hydro bill goes. With hydro rates increasing, who needs to add to their expenses? So, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to help keep your money in your wallet instead of in the pockets of the hydro companies.

  1. If you have central air, make sure all the vents in your home are open. We often think by closing a vent to push the air into other areas of the home it will help, but that’s a myth. By closing too many vents you can actually decrease the air flow to a point where the air conditioner will freeze up.  The air conditioner will continue to operate and not be able to remove any heat, or moisture causing the air conditioner to run continuously and cost you more money.

  2. Keep your filters clean. Commonly we are told to replace the filter in our furnace twice a year, but by making it a monthly task you are ensuring air flow is not being blocked by dirt, dust or debris that gets trapped in the filters.

  3. Use fans to move the air. It is common knowledge that heat rises and cool air falls, so during the summer you will find that your upstairs seems warmer than the downstairs. Using a portable fan (which uses less energy that an air conditioner) to force the cool air up with help circulate the air to where you need it to go.

  4. Decrease the use of major appliances. Of course, you need to do laundry and make dinner, but if you make it a point to do laundry during the evening and if make your loads smaller you will notice a difference. Lighter loads mean less work for your dryer therefore less heat is produced. When it comes to making dinner, think outside the box. Instead of turning on your oven which gives off a lot of heat, use the Barbeque or slow cooker. Many of us find it’s often too hot to eat big meals in the summer, so salads are another great option.

  5. BTU’s matter. If you are using portable air conditioning units, be sure you have the right size of machine for the amount of space that you’re cooling. If you are trying to use a small unit for a large space, the air conditioner will constantly be working at full force to cool the air but on the other hand if the air conditioning unit is too large, it will cycle on and off too frequently.  This will not allow the air conditioning unit to remove the moisture, and cause premature failure of the air conditioner.

  6. Program your thermostat. Having a thermostat that you can program to change the temperature for times you aren’t home or during the night when it tends to be cooler is definitely a good investment.

If you use these few tips and tricks you will be sure to see a decrease in the energy you use and the amount of your bills. Stay cool this summer without breaking the bank!


We are a locally owned and operated company providing Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration & Plumbing services for Residential, Commercial, Marine & Industrial Customers 24 HOURS A DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR.


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