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P.O. Box 282
Midland, Ontario L4R 4K8

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To all member contacts,
We’re pleased to announce our new website which has been refreshed, full of vitality and with your convenience in mind.  Please click to view our updated site and be sure to send us your comments.
It was only six years ago when a few of us were discussing the challenges facing Midland and the surrounding area in the context of the 2010 election.  Now, we are almost 1000 member contacts strong.  Together, through passion and commitment, we have engaged many more voices and raised important issues for debate, focusing on what matters to you!
You’ll recall that the first decade of the new millennium witnessed a spending trajectory that could not be sustained (see graph).

We were consistently being served up restrictive, unfriendly and often costly policies, which, in effect, were stifling growth and negatively impacting our residents’ quality of life.
There was very little focus and few resources behind economic development drivers, which were needed to secure a revenue stream necessary to finance community values and projects, many of them decided upon and completed years earlier.  Midland had clearly lost its way, was devoid of a vision, and had no sustainable plan for the future.
It was time for meaningful community engagement, which meant creating the climate for having the right debate on things that truly mattered.  It was indeed time for change and focused action.
On your behalf, many of us continue to attend countless Town meetings and donate our time.  We report to you on what we see and hear on a monthly basis.  We comment on trends, on developing issues and policy, and later on decisions made, always in the context of what our membership tells us is important.
We derive no personal advantage or benefit from our engagement.  We are beholden to nobody but the community at large.  We are unapologetic in our clarity of purpose, which is to find efficiencies and stamp out waste in local government in an effort to preserve our community and to ‘help our future arrive on schedule’.
Our work has just begun. While we remain cautiously optimistic with Council’s progress over the last six years, we must continue to remain focused on what matters. 
We are now half way through this Council’s mandate.  To help us better understand our work going forward, we’d like to get a read on how you see progress to date. 

The following question can be found on our web site:
"When this Council was elected we welcomed the promise of more efficient and accountable Government.  Half way through its term, how is Midland Council doing?”

We will continue to serve our community by holding Council accountable and being part of the solution through active engagement on Town committees and in non-profit groups.

For those wishing to get more involved and contribute your time, please reply to this email and let us know what your availability is like, and if there are any particular areas of interest.

For those who are time-starved and still want to assist, we can always use donations to help support our efforts. The new website for instance was done by a local vendor, and while the cost was significantly discounted, we did still offer to cover their time and paid this from our minimal coffers.

We’ve made it easy to send donations using your credit card. Simply visit our donation page found here:

Thank you in advance for your continued support.
Midland matters, you matter and getting involved matters.
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