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P.O. Box 282
Midland, Ontario L4R 4K8

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While the frequency of meetings and Council activity in general often slows down in the summer months, we are pleased to report that Midland Council has advanced several matters that are aligned with’s mission and what we believe, “MATTERS” most to the residents.
Our Mission: is a community-based citizen’s group whose mission is to:
  • Promote fair taxation and a policy-friendly community;
  • Encourage and monitor accountable and competitive delivery of municipal services;
  • Work toward sustainable growth and economic development;
  • Provide timely and relevant communication to the community at large through its website
While Council completed a jam packed agenda in July and witnessed several presentations/deputations, we apologize upfront for our brief and selective reporting as we choose to remain focused on three main themes aligned with our mission:
  1. Council voted to make Midland more friendly to home-based businesses

    Jill Lewis from the Planning department sent out the following communication and accompanying guidelines regarding Home-Based Business activity which is long overdue and welcomed by all.

    To quote Jill, “The Town of Midland has recently adopted business-friendly regulations for Home-Based Businesses. Please see our Guide for information about Home-Based Businesses in Midland”.

    Please click on the following link for your Home Based Business Guide.

    We applaud the efforts of both the planning staff and Council in their pursuit to create a more business friendly and competitive environment necessary for sustainable growth. While we have been very critical of staff and previous Council in their shortsightedness with respect to the backflow control By-law, septic inspections and the Source Protection Plan (SPP) (both exceeding provincial guidelines), to name but a few, we believe this is a positive move for today’s entrepreneur in this somewhat fragile and “new economy”.
  2. Council voted to re-direct $1.5 million out of the operating budget before 2018

    Applause, applause…………….

    Time and time again has written about Midland’s high tax rate, which in effect stifles economic growth by negatively impacting the private sector and frustrating our resident’s quality of life. Midland’s propensity to spend on unnecessary services, processes and equipment is simply our Achilles’ heel. This recent budget direction is both sound and prudent for a community, lacking the ability to shift money/resources behind economic drivers and respond to new and emerging community needs and programs.
  3. The town is recruiting for its top two positions, namely the CAO and the CFO

    While nothing has been formally communicated regarding success to date, we’re convinced this Council understands the value of securing the best available talent necessary to get the job done. Which means, assuring our future arrives on schedule!

    Our interim CAO, Mr. Gary Wood will be leaving us soon, but his short stay has opened our eyes to a few things that some have thought were obvious.

    Namely, he supported the motion to find $1.5M in the operating budget and, I quote, “It’s an opportunity for both staff and Council to have a thorough review of the budget”.

    Salute and thank you Mr. Wood for passing by Midland on your way to your next journey!
Enjoy August, the heat and the renewed optimism.

Midland matters, your voice matters and you matter!
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