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P.O. Box 282
Midland, Ontario L4R 4K8

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In case you missed our ad in the Midland Mirror this week, please enjoy your personal copy.

Sharing this email will help build awareness, promote greater community involvement and increase our growing number of contacts. Open Letter to the Citizens of Midland 


A group of citizens from all walks of life who want to maximize Midland’s full potential, build a stronger community and in doing so improve the quality of life for all residents.


To promote economic development through progressive policy and planning, and by eliminating barriers such as high taxes.


  • Midland’s taxes are too high by any reasonable measure.  The charges Midland billed its taxpayers for Town services increased 115% from 2000-2014.  At the same time consumer prices increased by a much lower 30% and our population actually fell slightly.  Seniors and working families cannot afford spiraling taxes when their incomes only increase slowly - if they are lucky. 
  • Midland has seen little new development of any kind and several developers have abandoned their projects in recent years.  This leaves the burden of high taxes on existing residents and businesses.
  • Unemployment is the highest in Simcoe County and average household incomes are the lowest.

While Town Council has begun to keep Midland’s spending increases around the rate of inflation (2% or less for the last 4 years), there is still a lot of work to do. All remaining recommendations in the KPMG consultant’s study need to be reviewed and carried out as appropriate, with the savings returned to residents or redirected to activities that will help Midland grow. Council needs to continue to review and repeal unfriendly policy and planning decisions which deter growth instead of stimulating it. Council needs to be unrelenting in its focus on growth, starting with the development of our waterfront to help get Midland back to work.

CALL TO ACTION: has encouraged several progressive steps by a persistent yet balanced public presence and by utilizing tools such as our web site, Facebook, online petitions, letters to the editor and presentations to Council. We need a Town Council that will work as a team, maintain the progress already made and provide more focused action and creative solutions to help revitalize Midland. 

Midland community matters, you matter and getting involved matters.

Support the hundreds of your neighbours motivated to help 
Midland's future arrive on schedule!

To get involved please contact: P.O. Box 282, Midland, ON L4R 4K8,
Visit or e-mail us at 

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