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Old Fort Trees

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Old Fort Trees
Eric Beutler
2829 Old Fort Rd.
Midland, Ontario L4R 4K3

705-527-0087 | phone
705-321-6385 | cellular

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Saturday:By Appointment
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Blue Spruce


Blue spruce trees are a highly popular type of tree here in North America. They are known for their great adaption qualities which make them able to survive just about anywhere. These trees are a type of evergreen tree. This tree is also known and can be referred to as a Colorado blue spruce. It’s foliage is in the form of evergreen needles. These trees can grow to 60 feet tall. Their spread across is usually about 20 feet. It’s shape is similar to that of a Christmas tree, which is usually what we think of when we hear the word, evergreen. However, with these trees, as the name indicates for a reason, it’s needles are a bluish-green to an almost silver appearance, not the standard typical green we tend to associate with trees.

Blue spruce trees are great at tolerating partial shade to full sun exposure, which makes them very adaptable and versatile. You will have one of these trees forever without any hassles at all. The soil type they do prefer however is sandy, clay, or loam. These types of trees also are most used and best for border trees, specimen trees, or windbreakers. To maintain these trees, it’s best that the dead wood be pruned off in the early part of the spring season.

If you’re talking about young blue spruce trees, you’ll want to make sure you water them at least once a week especially in hot, dry weather. The hose should be placed at the very base of the plant and the water should trickle down into the soil. You should always take precaution never to over water the tree though. By doing this, you are in danger of drowning your new plant life and it will not be able to sustain that amount of water.

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