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3 years ago
Lauren , a member from Midland, Ont,  wrote:
Hello Lauren, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the wonderful dressage clinic on Saturday. The girls really loved it. They appreciated your kindness and enthusiasm and of course, your expertise and professionalism. I will certainly recommend every young rider we know to sign up for your fall clinics. When Rosalie went to practice her Pony Club dresssage test on Sunday morning at Celtic Roots, I found there was a very noticeable difference in her transitions, they were so much smoother and she seemed so much more confident. She practiced cantering with her eyes closed too! Parise really enjoyed learning about how her hips can help her manoeuver her pony. She hasn't stopped talking about all that she learned and how much she enjoyed it! I hope to see you again this fall. Good luck on your competitions throughout the summer. I will check your website now and again to see how you and Ozzie did at the different venues. I'm sure the girls will want to know how you did as well. Take care,


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3 years ago
Lauren , a member from Midland, Ontario,  wrote:
All of Laurens Clinics have been so exciting...every rider is different...looking forward to your fall clinics! Congratulations Lauren!

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3 years ago
Lauren , a member from Midland, Ont,  wrote:
I just wanted to congratulate you on a very successful dressage clinic!!!

I think you're an excellent communicator and motivator, and as a result a very effective coach. Your explanations, both verbal, and visual, help clarify your observations, and instructions so they are easily understood. Afterwards I couldn't wait to get on my horse and try out some of the tips, and techniques that was shared. Also, it was such a pleasure seeing you work so beautifully with Ozzie!

Enhancing the clinic experience was the hospitality at Sandy Hills, from the facility owners to the boarders and clinic helpers. Everyone was warm and friendly, and the food was delicious!!!

I look forward to attending more of your clinics in the future!!!

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3 years ago
Susie French , a member from Midland,  wrote:
I moved to a new barn, Sandy Hills farm, with my two horses the beginning of November 2010 not knowing what to expect. Well what a surprise, everything is just wonderful... can't believe how life has changed for the better and wow I even lucked out getting the best dressage coach ever. Lauren is absolutely terrific, she has a gift as a coach and trainer which makes everything fun and easy. Instead of always trying to get the rider to fix the horse (which made me tight) she fine tunes the rider which in turn fixes the horse …. suddenly everything is coming together and I wonder why it was so hard before. My horse, Mozart has turned into my dream horse, I never knew what a great horse he was because I was always tense and trying too hard. We have had some major issues over the past 3 years and I had lost my confidence …. well Lauren sure changed that in just 3 lessons. Now he changes gaits with just slight seat aids, his canter is so beautiful and uphill …. and my horse is as happy as I am. Lauren instilled in me the confidence and skills to work him through his spooky explosions and now I don't get tense and add to the problem. Mozart is much calmer taking his cue from me … we have come so far in just 3 months of lessons it is hard to believe that I am the same rider and he is the same horse. I love it! Lessons are so positive and fun I want one everyday!! Thank you, thank you, Lauren my coach and friend!

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3 years ago
Charlotte Avery , a member from Elmvale Ontario,  wrote:
In 2009 I bought a 4 year old thoroughbred gelding (Norman). Never in my life did I think I would ever be able to not only buy a hot blooded horse but also be able to ride one. If it wasn't for Lauren I don't think either of those things would have ever happened. Not only is Lauren an amazing coach but I've also found a great friend in her too. She's the only person I could count on when I went through a bucking stage with my horse Norman and lost all confedence in myself and him. Lauren is always so calm with me and my horse. If I don't understand something she finds 110 new ways to show me so that I do. I can't imagine having anyone else coach me through everything that crazy thoroughbred throws at me. I'm so thankful to have someone as positive and supportive as my coach and a friend. Norman and I have come so far already and I look forward to are future accomplishments. She really has changed my life and I can't thank her enough.

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3 years ago
Ronda Arbour , a member from Sturgeon River,  wrote:
It is so refreshing to find yourself with a new horse and new location with an instructor who is completely able to assess your horse and your skills as a rider. My relationship with my Canadian Gelding, Gilbert is only going to grow with Lauren as a coach. Yesterday affirmed that Lauren has the ability to ride your horse, assess his needs then allow you time so she can assess yours. She is patient and incredibly skilled in working with both you and your horse so you feel confident and prepared for any situation. I am very pleased and grateful to have Lauren as my coach and can't wait for my next lesson! She is kind and instantly finds the proper aids for your horses best response! She then passes that information on to you, so you continue to have a trusting bond with your animal! I am so grateful to have this opportunity to grow with such a lovely animal as my Gilbert and wake up each day excited to see where our learning curve with take us.

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3 years ago
Nancy Tuck , a member from Wyevale Ontario,  wrote:
About one year ago, I was a border and student of Lauren's. Lauren provided a safe, clean and enjoyable environment for all her borders and students. I found Lauren to be very knowledgeable, not only as a coach but of horses in general. She understands horses and is very patient and calm when working around them. Lauren is a remarkable coach. I found she gave me confidence as a rider and after every lesson I learned or accomplished something. She has a way of explaining techniques and movements that is easy to understand and put into action. I have watched Lauren teach beginners to he more advanced riders, and she understands that every rider and horse are different and hence teaches her lessons accordingly. She always gives her students a feeling of confidence and achievement and makes the lessons rewarding and fun! She has always been very approachable and supportive. Lauren is a very talented dressage rider and coach, and I would highly recommend her for lessons. She works with you as a rider and helps you achieve your goals, all done in a very calm and professional manner. Each time I have had a lesson with Lauren, I have learned something valueable for myself and my horse Alex. I am thrilled to be starting lessons again with Lauren, she is a great coach!

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5 years ago
kailey kwan , a member from barrie,  wrote:
it it a beautiful place and lauren is so kind and generous

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4 years ago
Sara Cole , a member from Schomberg, Ontario,  wrote:
It is a lovely facility and Lauren is an amazing teacher who turns her students into wonderful riders and athletes. She does wonders with breaking horses as well. I strongly suggest that anyone in the area check her place out she is great!!!!!!!!

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